Case study: The nursing profession

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The nursing profession has evolved tremendously over time. We’ve gone from a “magical power’s” having maledominated role, to a female dominated role made up of indigents and prostitutes, to what we have today, which is a fairly well-balanced male/female role of highly educated professionals (J.Dean,2018).

There are several factors that influence the public’s perception of the nursing profession and television and the media play a big part in that. How the profession is portrayed on current TV shows and the current news cycle can and will for good or bad cast nursing in a favorable or not so favorable light. Comments made on a certain daytime talk show about a “doctors’ stethoscope” didn’t go over to well and nurses from far and wide rallied around this to help educate the general public about what we do (Udell, 2015) . Primetime shows with their continual trysts and locker room antic’s knock us back a few steps. There are a few things we can do to change the public’s perception of the nursing profession. Education of our patients and their families would be a start.

I live in a small town in Alaska, we are a full-service hospital and even though we are 50 miles from a major city we are considered rural due to geography. Word of mouth plays a big factor in our hospital’s and nursing’s perception. Community service, patient and family education along with our social media page has helped change the hospital’s and the nursing role into a very favorable light. Not only do we offer very specialized services, but we have very “specialized” nurses to implement and educate the public about them.

Udell, E. (2015). “The View” host Joy Behar: I didn’t know what I was talking about. USA Today. Retrieved from…

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