What is a conceptual framework?

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What is a conceptual framework?

A conceptual framework is “a set of relatively abstract and general concepts that address the phenomena of central interest to a discipline, the propositions that broadly describe those concepts, and the propositions that state relatively abstract and general relations between two or more of the concepts” (Butts & Rich, 2018, p. 96).

Conceptual frameworks have a practical value because they guide research and practice. Each conceptual framework of nursing gives the disciple a unique perspective of the metaparadigm concept and provides a path for concrete theories.



In this assignment, you are going to LOCATE a conceptual framework that you could use in advanced nursing practice. EXPLAIN how your chosen conceptual framework of nursing relates to the unique perspective of the METAPARADIGM concept of person/client, nurse, health, and environment and apply the value of a conceptual framework to advanced nursing roles. Keep in mind, that the conceptual framework is used to allow for practical applications of the metaparadigm concept that will lead to a concrete theory.

ASSIGNMENT DETAILS******************************************

For this Assignment, your paper must be 2 to 3 pages, not including the title and reference pages. Minimum requirement of at least 5 REFERENCES sources of support.

APA format 6th edition

References in body of paper, reference page. References have to be peer reviewed journals, books, articles, etc. NO wikipedia or internet.

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