Mental Health issues affecting trauma survivors.


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A very important and relevant health issue impacting numerous people around the world to include many in our country is Mental Health issues affecting trauma survivors. 

Due to current events in the world many people are becoming trauma survivors due to things like wars, conflicts, home displacements due to both wars and conflicts as well as natural disasters. Currently in the United States we are experiencing an abnormally high number of people affected by PTSD, depression and anxiety due to the wars we have participated in during this past decade. Unfortunately like most of the world we were unprepared to assist the trauma survivors from the wars and this failure on our part has led to an increase in suicides. 

Ideally both here and internationally we could begin by removing the stigma from all mental health issues as this stigma is what leads many to avoid seeking help. We also need to better screen and identify the individuals who are most likely to develop mental health issues from trauma to intervene early. Lastly, we should invest as much money and resources into the mental health field as we do into others, so that we may better understand what is going on and how to best help our patients. If every nation participated in the above it would hopefully increase the numbers of people seeking and receiving the help they need hopefully decreasing the number of suicides committed. 


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