What event in post-Civil War America has had the most important impact on American culture.

You will be required to respond to two of the three essay questions presented below. Each essay will need to be a minimum of 300 words. Do not use any resources for this assignment. Your essays should be based only on the knowledge you’ve accumulated throughout the course. Your essays should have a short introduction, a thesis, specific information to support your thesis, and a short conclusion highlighting your thesis and summarizing the important points of your essay. Your grade will depend on how well you support your arguments, not on the topics you choose to discuss. Make sure you proofread your essays for grammatical mistakes before you submit the assignment. Submit both essays in one document.


2.       Respond to two of the following three essay questions:

1.       A. Which president has had the most impact on American history in the post-Civil War era? This must be a President who is no longer living. You will need to explain your rationale for choosing this particular president, giving several examples of how this president has changed American history or significantly impacted the course of American history.

2.       B. What event in post-Civil War America has had the most important impact on American culture or political, economic, social, or religious institutions? Discuss specifically how this particular event changed America, and perhaps even the world. You may also discuss a specific era in this essay and not limit yourself to an individual event.

3.       C. How has faith, or the lack of it, influenced America in the post-Civil War era? How has Christianity impacted American culture? You can describe the role of the churches in American culture. You could also discuss how America’s increasing ethnic diversity has eroded the Judeo-Christian consensus that served as a unifying and stabilizing force in American culture until the last few decades.

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