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A topic I would like to teach in an educational environment.  (As a staff development educator in a clinical facility, my course is on Cultural Diversity: Promoting a safe work environment) My anticipated audience includes doctors, nurses, other paraprofessionals and students

Select an educational theory that would be the most appropriate to provide a foundation for the course you have planned.

Describe the key points of the theory most appropriate for your course and audience and explain why the theory that you selected is the most appropriate.

Be sure to cite textbooks or articles from peer-reviewed journals to support your choice.

Describe the intended audience for your course.

Identify and discuss potential diversity in the group that you anticipate teaching. (Diversity can include multiculturalism, age, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, Limited English Proficiency (LEP), or other cultural barriers that you feel could impact your learning environment.)

Use current research to describe how you will address these issues in your learning environment.

Describe how you will manage conflict in the classroom that may arise from the anticipated diversity amongst learners.

Briefly describe your course and the environment that you will utilize for teaching.

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