Write 13 page essay on the topic Emerging Health Policy&Development of Professional Practice

Write 13 page essay on the topic Emerging Health Policy&Development of Professional Practice.From this study it is clear that&nbsp.changes in three professional groupings: the medical profession, nursing and social work were focused upon towards the end of the twentieth century . Increased monitoring was done of local authorities to ensure that the policy was developed in line with national policies, with an enhanced role for the social services inspectorate. The medical professionals could either become ‘players’ in an internal market or they could accept some managerial protection at the cost of autonomy. In nursing a major shift in power took place, ward nurses were given a lead role in financial control, enhancing consumer rights and promoting quality. A radical restructuring of social work started taking place, with additional resources flowing into social service departments.&nbsp.This paper highlights that&nbsp.organisationally the NHS is trying to move from traditional bureaucratic monopoly to a more flexible, needs-based and technological service. There have been changes in the organisation and delivery of services: NHS trusts, primary care trusts and the emergence of workforce confederations, and the financial charging mechanisms for dental services, prescriptions, and personal care. The main criterion of the government strategy is not only the demonstration of effective change through evaluated local action, but also its achievements through sound values: partnership, equity, fairness. and the dissemination of good practice.

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