Pros and Cons of Managed Care Plans

Pros and Cons of Managed Care Plans

MHA628: Managed Care & Contractual Services

Pros and Cons of Managed Care Plans

Managed care plans are a big phenomenon in the medical field. The managed care plans are named as health care insurances. The beginning of managed care was in 1910, by the Western Clinic in Tacoma, Washington, These organizations offer prepaid plans to people (farmers) so they can receive discounts in the hospital for medical services. Later in 1929, the farmers bought shares in partnership with Dr. Michael Shadid, MD. This brought to build a new hospital. With this association, the farmers were receiving medical discounts. This way the first Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) was created. After the creation of HMO, others managed care were created Kongstvedt, P.R. (2007).Health Maintenance Organization and others managed care have to face the cons and pros that might bring people in agree or disagree. The purpose of this lecture is to examine the cons and pros of managed care plans.

What are the areas of opportunity/benefit?

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