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The nursing conceptual model represents abstract and general work that can guide research and practice. A conceptual model may be thought of as an early-stage of theory development (Thompson,2017)”,

A nursing theory provides a way to “organize the nurse’s thinking by providing decision-making structures to guide the reasoning required for quality professional nursing practice” (Alligood, 2010). “The major difference between a conceptual model/framework and a theory is the level of specificity and practical use (Alligood, 2010; Fawcett, 2013; Masters, 2015).”

Katharine Kolcaba’s “Theory of Comfort” emphasize the importance of patient’s comfort development to improve patient outcomes. She introduced this theory in the 1990s. It’s a middle range theory for health practice. The “Theory of Comfort” consisted of three form: relief, ease, and transcendence. She used an example of a postsurgical patient was experiencing pain, which was in discomfort, and after pain med administered, the patient’s pain eased, and patient’s transcendence is reached to a level of comfort (NursingTheory.org, n.d.) Comfort is the basic fundamental human needs and nurses are in constant strive to provide that for patients. By asking patients, “Are you comfortable?” is a simple way to evaluate their needs. To heal, a patient must feel comfortable.


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