Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response

In this week’s readings media program, Ms. Marren discussed how the nurses in New York responded during the 9/11 crisis. Ms. Marren also discussed how the Visiting Nurse Services emergency preparedness/disaster response plan has changed since 9/11. In addition, Dr. Guerra and Dr. DiFerdinando both discussed disaster response activities and strategies. Finally, the readings this week discussed the role of the nurse in bioterrorism and disaster management.

Select a disaster that could happen in your community. Then, write a 3- to 4-page paper outlining the following:

  • The disaster
  • How the professional nurse would use clinical judgment and decision-making skills to provide appropriate nursing care
  • Other health care professionals that may be involved in a response
  • Suggest strategies for improving your community’s response to your identified disaster

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