Communication Skills from a Global Perspective

COM10009 : Communication Skills from a Global Perspective:Annotated Bibliography – Nursing Assignment

Question :

The organisation that you work for has taken an interest in the topic you investigated in

Project 1 – Annotated Bibliography. Your manager has asked you to develop an internal and external communication strategy to promote the key findings of the topic you investigated. Therefore, you are required to develop a plan and write the content to promote your topic; firstly, within the organisation and secondly, to the broader public arena.

You will need to complete the following:

A situation analysis.

Set goals and objectives for the project.

Compile the content investigation you completed in project 1.

Decide on your target audience and key messages.

Decide on the communication channels, for example newsletters, print media, email, social media, and radio.

Write the content for the communication strategy. You will need to produce at least two communication documents for your internal strategy and at least two communication documents for your external strategy. For example, Internal: Newsletter for the organisation and direct email to the employees. External: Media release and Brief for an Advertising campaign, or a web page. You are able to produce additional communication documents; however, the minimum is two for each strategy. Include a memo to the managing director of the company providing an overview of this strategy.

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