Can interdisciplinary philosophies and theories relevant to the advanced nurse practice?

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Applying the four stages of frame work into health care

Pick a theorist and explore how the theorist created his or her theory and apply the four stages of (theorizing, syntax, theory testing, and evaluation).

Stage 1 Theorizing consist of three concepts identifying what nursing is and what nursing is not.

Stage 2 Syntax must contain at least two terms clearly defining what this stage consist of

Stage 3 theory testing you must describe and provide two examples of how theory was applied to quantitative/ qualitative research consisting of different population and widening goup of researchers outside the discipline of nursing.

Stage 4 provide at least five examples of how theory is applied through evidence base practice in the act of providing nursing care.

Lastly, present a broad look at the four stages you went through to develop your theory and project its future use in the nursing profession , be sure to make a succinct and precise conclusion.

APA format 6th edition 3 to 5 pages

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