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Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.

The nursing shortage is a real problem that is going to grow in years to come. Its impact is felt in the nursing profession as well as the patient population. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Projections the nursing profession will surpass all others in the area of job growth between the years 2014-2014 (Haryanto, 2019). This shortage makes it a dangerous workplace for both workers and patients. Nurses are being asked to take on more tasks, and larger patient ratios due to short staffing. This causes nurses to become overworked and dissatisfied with their employment. With nurses having too many patients or higher ratios, more deaths in surgical patients was noted due to inadequate care by nursing staff(Cherry & Jacob, 2014). Nursing shortage makes an impact on medical errors, nursing judgements, and results in poor patient outcomes. More and more nurses are becoming overworked and dissatisfied with their career. Johnson and Johnson put forth a 30 million dollar initiate to try and improve the way people see nurses, as a way to recruit more nurses to the career. It failed to do so(Cherry & Jacob, 2014). One reason for the nursing shortage is the shortage of nurses to teach. In 2012 nursing schools in the United States had to turn away 80,000 students due to lack of faculty to teach, in 2017 56,000 were turned down(Haryanto, 2019). Without the nursing educators to teach, the demand will never be reached.

One way the nursing profession is working through a resolution to the problem is through the American Nurses Association. They are advocating through congress to allocate more funds to the nursing schools to help increase access to students for nursing degrees (Haryanto, 2019). This will help a lot of students gain access to becoming a nurse, but without the proper number of teachers is this going to be enough? We need to come up with a strategy to educate new nurses fast. Unfortunately, the growing problem is just that, growing. It is expected that one third of nurses will be retiring in about 10-15 years(Haryanto, 2019). It is up to our generation of nurses to get involved to help find a solution to a growing problem.


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