Review the video interview with Prof. Alondra Nelson about her research on genetic testing. Alondra Nelson’s interview on genetic testing and race explains the difficulties individuals encounter when trying to navigate the costs and benefits of finding out who they are and where they are from. In your discussion describe at least one way in which genetic testing is complicated for African Americans. Then reflect on how and in which ways the new research into genetics force us to reconsider the question of race as a social construct. Then consider Prof. Alondra’s discussion on the complexities of genetic testing in the African American community and think about how these complexities might apply, or not, to another ethic group. For instance, consider your own ethnic heritage and how you may or may not get accurate information from genetic testing.  Would you suggest that there be warning labels on commercially available genetic tests?

Responses are reflective writing in which you respond to question prompts. They should be at least 200 words long, written succinctly. Address all parts of the prompt question.

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