Describe a Clinical Problem that you see or have seen in your practice.

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1. Describe a Clinical Problem that you see or have seen in your practice. It can be any patient care problem or issue that is of interest to you in your current practice or your future roles as an administrator, nurse practitioner or educator. A way to identify an area if interest may be to ask yourself or colleagues questions such as: Is there a better way of doing something? Would another intervention be more effective and improve patient outcomes? Give some data (at least on rate, ratio or cost) from your agency or from the health care literature that supports the fact that this is a patient care problem.

2. Review recent research and practice literature and select an intervention that might address this patient care issue. The intervention may be in the form of a new policy, protocol, algorithm or procedure that would change patient care. What evidence-based intervention exists to improve current care in terms of patient, provider or health care agency outcomes? Try to identify something for which you really want an answer. You might get ideas from Research for Practice, an ongoing section in AJN, or research articles from nursing specialty journals.

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3. Review a variety of evidence-based websites such as:
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality ( )
National Guideline Clearinghouse (https:// )

4. Summarize what is known and not known about the problem area selected.

5. Identify, revise or develop a policy, or protocol, algorithm or procedure to be used in your practice site.

6. Provide a copy of the policy, protocol, algorithm or procedure with its references.

7. Provide a reference list for your paper.