Describe the specific steps you plan to take in the next 1–2 years to attain this position and thrive in your career.

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Reflection: Professional Development

Reflection: Professional Development
Throughout your career so far you have gained expertise in certain areas of nursing practice. In transitioning to the role of nurse educator, you may find it challenging to be in the position of a novice again. To help you transition most effectively, you are asked to reflect on the main insights you have gained throughout this course and prepare a plan for your future professional development. The focus of this Reflection is to synthesize what you have learned in this course and program so that you can identify clear goals towards which to strive and plan how to achieve those goals.

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With these thoughts in mind, write 5-pages paper in which you reflect on the course and on your plans for your professional development.
I. Course Reflection
In 2–3 paragraphs, ( TWO (2) pages summarize how this course has prepared you to engage successfully in the roles, responsibilities, and relationships of the nurse educator and to transition to this career.
II. Professional Goals
For each of the goals you identify, explain how these would help further your professional development and include a projected timeline for attaining each of the go Summarize these thoughts in THREE-( 3)-pages paper
Identify the kind of position you are seeking. Describe the specific steps you plan to take in the next 1–2 years to attain this position and thrive in your career. The following are some of the activities that should help you develop professionally before or after you attain a nurse educator position:
• Pursuing a PhD or other doctoral degree
• Taking the CHES, ANCC, NLN, or other certification exam for educators
• Pursing continuing education activities
• Finding a mentor
• Gaining a greater comfort level and confidence in your classroom and clinical teaching
• Arranging for and making use of peer evaluation
• Developing plans for self-evaluation of teaching
• Participating in scholarship activities
• Participating in service activities
• Managing stresses/strains of role
• Working with administration to establish goals, especially involving teaching, service, and scholarship