Discuss the concept of vulnerable subjects.

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Foundation of nursing care delivery
1. The foundation of nursing care delivery must be research-tested and research-confirmed knowledge tempered by an awareness of the uniqueness of the client and the situation. (Boswell & Cannon 2007 pg.2). This definition sounds fine but lets talk real world. Why is research important to the nursing profession? As a second part what is evidence-based practice and is it really needed?
2. Discuss the concept of vulnerable subjects. Why would a researcher or institutional review board (IRB) need to consider this concept when planning a research project? Describe the role of the Institutional Review Board in the review of the research plan.
3. Literature is classified in several ways such as research findings vs anecdotes and primary vs secondary sources. Take primary vs secondary explain the differences between the aspects. Provide example of each (not from your text) and support your classification of each example. Some journals are refereed journals. Explain the difference between refereed and non-refereed journals.
4. Discuss the characteristics of experimental quasi-experimental and non-experimental designs. Within the discussion speak to the strengths and weaknesses of the designs
one page per question #. with at at least 2-3 refernces per question number.