Does the literature identify a need for the proposed research?

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Critique of a Quantitative Research Article

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All questions in the rubric need to be answered in narrative format with examples to support statements (NO QUOTES), responses need to fit together and flow well and not be a series of answers to questions

10 pts. Does the abstract provide a concise overview of the research?
Does the abstract identify the research problem, methods used, results, and recommendations?
Is the problem clearly identified?
Is the literature relevant to the research, up to date?
Does the literature present a balanced view?
Does the literature identify a need for the proposed research?
Are there gaps in the literature reviewed?

20 pts. Are the methods consistent with quantitative research?
Is the approach clearly stated?
Are the methods clearly explained and justified?
Were instruments valid –reliable –appropriate?
Were interventions well defined and consistently delivered?
Was the process of sample selection and group assignment appropriate?
Are details provided to enable a replication study?
Are details of data collection described and justified?
Are ethical considerations described and explained?

15 pts. Are the results presented clearly and consistently?
How were results obtained?
Are grafts/tables (if presented) clear and coherent?
Is there sufficient detail provided?
Are gaps in data-gathering accounted for?

15 pts. Is the discussion and analysis balanced?
Is there a bias in analysis?
Were the research questions/hypotheses answered?
Are strengths and weaknesses of the study acknowledged?
Does the discussion refer back to points raised in the literature review?

15 pts. Do recommendations outline areas of possible future research?
Are there recommendations for ways this research could be improved?
Are the implications of the study identified?
Are the conclusions supported by the results?
10 pts. What is the significance of this research to nursing?
Is this acknowledged in the research?
Was the article published in a professional peer-reviewed source?
10 pts. All mechanical aspects of writing
Title page/citations/reference page