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A concussion is caused by a blow to the head. It causes the person to become temporarily unconscious, sometimes confused after a violent shock to the head. It is a type of traumatic brain injury from a jolt to the head, that causes the head or the brain to move quickly back and forth. They are often as a result of a fight where boxing was involved, an accident or another sport for example, hockey or baseball, where a bat was accidentally coming into contact with the head during the game.

Motorcyclist and cyclist may also experience concussions after falling off their bikes violently. Hence, they put on helmets for protective purposes. Concussions are delicate and serious matter. Boxers who have had several head injuries including concussions, have gone on to experience health issues related to the brain long after they are done playing the competitive sport.

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The sudden movement that causes a concussion is because of the ways the brain moves around or twists in the skull. This creates chemical changes in the brain and sometimes it also stretches and damages the brain cells, causing harm. A concussion is usually not life threatening and are described as a mild brain injury. However, the effects can be very serious. In some cases, it is possible to have a concussion and not realize it. Instead, chalking it down to dizziness.

Some of the symptoms of a concussive traumatic brain injury include having a headache, loss of memory and confusion. For some, they even forget the event that caused the traumatic brain injury, also referred to as TBI. Dizziness and a ringing in the ears, are additional symptoms. If the blow was especially violent, some people may feel nauseated, vomit, have slurred speech after and a delayed response to questions. At this point they appear dazed and fatigued from the blow. This is especially true in competitive sports.

Victims of a concussion have complained on lower concentration and poor memory recollection. Sometimes, their personalities may change, and thet seem irritable more often. They are also prone to sensitivity light and noises. It is important to recognize that some symptoms are in fact delayed. They do not show up immediately, therefore a medical check up is required if any of these symptoms occur just to be sure.

The person who suffered a concussion may also have disorders to taste and smell, which you may recognize when having a meal or cooking together. They may also appear to be depressed and have problems adjusting to different scenarios. While they sleep, they may have trouble getting full rest. It is very dangerous for athletes to return to a game or playing field if they are feeling these kinds of symptoms. This also includes vigorous activity, which should be avoided when feeling a concussion.

A concussion can also occur in children. They may have difficulty expressing themselves, making it hard for parents or doctors to fully understand the problem. In such cases, children and adolescents should be examined by an experienced pediatric in this field of managing concussions.

The cause behind a concussion is the fact that the brain has the consistency of gelatin. It is cushioned from the everyday movements, and bumps that could pose a threat to the brain’s health by the cerebrospinal fluid which is inside our scalp. The violent jolt you experience cause your brain to slide back and forth against the walls of your skull. Such a violent shake caused by an accident can cause injury, which sometimes affects the brain function.

This is what essentially appears as the symptoms of a concussion. There could bleeding, in and around your brain that could cause prolonged drowsiness and confusion. Brain bleeds can be fatal, and if you are aware of the symptoms of a concussion, it is best to seek medical attention immediately.