How you prepared for the last exam

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NRS 100 Nursing Success Skills
Study Plan
The key to exam success is a good study plan. For this assignment you will reflect on the last exam you took and create a study plan for an upcoming exam.
Improvement always begins with self-reflection; to prepare for your next exam you will explore your performance on the last exam that you took. In the reflection portion of the assignment, you will discuss
~How you prepared for the last exam
~How you felt going into the exam
~Barriers experienced during the exam (lack of preparation, anxiety, running out of time, etc.)
~Strategies used during the exam
~How you felt after you had taken the exam
~Exam results; did you do better or worse than you thought?
A good study plan ensures that you will cover all of the required content. Your next step is to determine the chapters/content that will be covered on the exam. Your plan should be created well in advance of the exam so there is plenty of time to study all of the content adequately.
To create your study plan you will need to reach out for a resource; to do this, you may use the course textbook (Test Success) or search the internet for “how to create a study plan” to locate an appropriate online resource.
Study Plan Rubric
Content Points
Possible Points
Earned Comments
Discusses prior exam preparation and outcome 1
Explores possible barriers experienced on last exam 1
Suggests strategies to improve results of next exam results 1
Provides date of upcoming exam 1
Provides details of content or chapters to be covered on upcoming exam 1
Presents plan to study content 1
Plan is presented in an organized and easy-to- interpret format 1
Discussion consists of at least one well developed paragraph (in addition to the plan) 1
Reference for resource is provided 1
Assignment is written in Standard English and is consistent with professional writing 1
Total 10 Point Breakdown:
0 = requirement not met
0.5 partly meets requirement
1 = completely meets requirement