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Nursing competencies are the outcome of combining skills, knowledge, abilities, values, and attitudes that support effective performance in the nursing profession.

Benefits of Nursing Excellence and competencies to patients

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Nursing excellence is an essential quality in providing quality care till the patient heals. Without excellence, in nursing, the illness will not get better. For example, a nursing attendant to a patient with a venomous ulcer should provide the necessary compression bandaging, or it will not heal. In the absence of excellence, the ulcer will not heal fast. There cannot be fast discharge with support stockings and follow up appointments and the patient it is likely to spend the next six months attending follow up appointments twice or thrice a week.So excellent care often translates to cost effectiveness.

Nursing might have trying moments, but nursing excellence requires a practitioner to consider it as his or her responsibility to gather strength and embrace the positive qualities that a care giver should be having.Nurses who care about excellence will genuinely listen to their patients without making judgments.They should be open sharing to new ideas, work restructuring, and innovation.

When providing care in any situation, it is necessary to ensure that these basic and essential nursing qualities are shining.

  • Compassion
  • Tolerance
  • Empathy
  • Authentic, honest relationship

Professionals who subscribe to these qualities are the ones who shine a light on the values of this noble profession. These factor contribute to nursing excellence.

Factors contributing to Nursing excellence and competencies

Nursing competency relies on the ability of an individual to collaborate with other health care team members, patients, and their families.

Nursing is a profession that requires empathizing and doing everything that contributes to the health of a person. These components contribute to nursing competency:


A competent nurse must have the care aspect. It requires an understanding of the patient needs at the level that allows the determination of the right personalized nursing therapies necessary for healing the patient.


Curing for nurse takes more than treatment. It also involves assisting patients to understand the state of their health including the existing problems and helping them to get ways of coping. After helping patients to understand their condition, the next step for nurses is to administer treatments. Nursing competency is exhibited in the way a nurse uses the clinical nursing judgments to determine whether a nursing plan is valid by looking at the patient outcome.


Coordination of patient care requires organizing and timing of medical and other relevant professional services to meet holistic needs by patients. Often, a patient needs other simultaneous services to make up a proper care. Nursing competencies lie in the way can determine the other type of care that a patient requires for holistic care. A professional nurse also has an outstanding ability to supervise, teach, and direct all the people they work with when providing nursing care.

Autonomy for Nursing Excellence and Competencies

In recent years, nursing has profession has become more independent and nurses are no longer mere helpers to physicians. They are becoming more noticeable as they spend much time with patients providing the necessary care and watching them on behalf of doctors and other medical professionals. Nurses are now even using evidence based practice and setting its standards thus making it more independent.

Standards of nursing care scribe the competencies necessary for someone to practice in a professional role. The standards describe the quality of care, education, ethics and performance appraisal. It assures the client of high-quality care and outlines nursing excellence and competencies for the professional care givers.