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Notable individuals have done various comprehensive findings in the nursing field. One of the notable figures is Florence Nightingale who is considered the pioneer of modern nursing. She is credited to turning the nursing career into a professional venture. She established the nursing education by writing the first textbook in nursing. She also opened the first nursing school in 1860 to help the poor and teach others. She also advocated for cleaner conditions and proper sanitation in the hospitals and was key figure in helping wounded soldiers during the Crimean wars.Another notable figure is Margaret Sanger (1879-1966) who is considered a pioneer of birth control. She is credited to opening America’s first clinic for birth control in New York and published other journals like the Birth Control Review and a pamphlet Family Limitation. She later came to be associated with the founding of the American Birth Control League and highly advocated for civil rights and other causes in the medical sector.

Compact Versus Non-Compact State

The compact license applies to registered nurses who meet required standards in their home states but have a provision of going to another state and practice for instance if a specific patient requires him to do so. While non-compact license requires the nurse to work only in that state that is compact with that license i.e. mother state.

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Patient Advocacy and Patient Safety

Patient advocacy refers to area of specialization in healthcare which is concerned with advocacy of patients, caregivers and even survivors’.The advocating may be represented by organizations or individuals but not always concerned with just a specific group of a disorder. Patient safety, on the other hand, refers to how health institutions always tend to protect their patients against some various forms of hazards and injuries. Nurses can ensure the safety of the patients through their vigilance of patients on their beds and proper care of the patients since they always spend the most time with patients than the doctors and physicians.

Implications Associated with Alternative Therapy

Alternative therapy refers to the process in which various forms of energy like traditional herbs and drugs are given to the patients to make the body stable or bring a balance to the body. The alternative therapy has some positive implications like it is a form of whole person treatment since they mostly emphasize on whole body care, they are also vital since they enhance personal attention, and focus wholly on prevention. The negative implications of alternative therapy include factors like limited scientific research since they mostly involve traditional medication, they also confuse the markets and having potentially dangerous interactions.

Differences and Similarities of Nurse Practice Act

These are laws regulating nurse practicing for instance in the United States, states like Texas and Washington DC have revised codes which are written down as a result of legislation .the acts are meant to define the various responsibilities of nursing and to outline the regulations in which the profession is supposed to work on. Some of the similarities covered in the act include factors like professional responsibility, maintaining professional boundary and similarities in nursing ethics.

Standards and Scope of Nurse Practice Act

The scope of nursing practicing act involves various aspects though usually specific in different states. The major scopes of the practice include factors like authority, power, and composition within the board. Emphasis on standards of education within the practice. The types of titles and licenses required and ground involving disciplinary actions with various possible remedies.

Rules for Effective Delegation of Nurse Practice Act

Nursing as a profession requires specific judgmental skills based on specific knowledge and ethical practical application. Though the practice requires a registration upon which an effective delegation will be necessary for the practice. For instance, the client should be made aware of policies and procedures which affect his/her ability in dispute resolution. Furthermore, the client should be able to perform open face to face discussion with the nurse and finally there in case of a dispute, the act should provide the basis for rights to contract termination.

Rules for Safe Practice of Nurse Practice Act

The nursing practice encompasses many rules in regards to the nurse practice act (NPA), for instance, all nurse need to know much about NPA such as protection granted to those seeking nursing care. The NPA also highlights safer parameters within which nurses should work on and protection of patients from unsafe and unprofessional acts.

Advocacy of Nursing Roles

Nurses have specific roles and functions according to their classifications. For instance, RN-plays the role of intercession between patients, the doctors, and their families while LPN/LVN are usually trained on offering bedside services and partly administer medications to the patients. Furthermore, nurses play other roles, for instance, they can act as a scientist by engaging in research involving diagnosis and healthcare improvements. They are also detectives since they can play the role of investigating certain disease for the doctors and provide solutions and remedies on behalf of the doctors.

Analysis of Provisions

American nursing association (ana) has some provisions that act as guiding values to the nursing profession. For instance, provision two which advocates for the nurse to place his/her commitment on the patient wholly and provision six which needs the nurse to maintain an ethical environment throughout the working station. These provisions are applicable in that they guide the nurse to see ethically challenging situations so as to come up with the best cause of also acts as a guideline for nurses to be accountable for every care they provide.

Clinical Practice Error

Despite the ANA provisions being well defined, clinical errors also are factors to consider in the nursing practice. For instance, the error is said to occur when there is a failure in the sequence of planned activities and there is a failure in the intended outcome. An error may also occur when there is a failure in safety, effectiveness and in time.

Application of ANA Provisions

The ANA provisions dictate that the nurse be responsible and accountable for any ethical task they engage in. It emphasizes on nurses to be on the forefront of decision making and be able to provide ethical judgment. Furthermore, the nurse must be able to provide accountability for their personal actions together being able to meet their obligations so as to remain trusted in their profession.

Organization’s Structures

Organization structure is very important to professional development especially in the crucial field like nursing. Nurses are thus required to possess various skills like interpersonal skills, for instance, they should be quick in making judgment and integrity values. They should also have proper managerial skills in order to execute some managerial duties.