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Many of these managers are usually appointed to positions of authority where their leadership skills are required in the shaping of the organization by delivering important decisions. The decisions made not only focus on the patient’s safety but also to address the targets set out by the organization. Managers have two domains that they use when considering the type of decision, they are to employ. They include:


Where the focus is things that managers need to improve daily e.g. the number of staff, quality of care given etc. they have an effect to the organization as they reflect on the areas the manager has more emphasis on.

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Are factors/influences, activities, and resources that exist outside the boundaries of an organization. Leaders or managers in the organization implement six functions that are critical in carrying out their day-to-day operations. They include:


Involves setting direction by determining what needs completion by setting required targets.


Refers to the overall design of the organization that one is working in. Managers determine each person’s position by designating work to team members and distribute authority.


It is acquiring and retaining human resources, therefore, developing and maintaining workforce through various strategies and tactics.


It refers to monitoring and taking the correct actions to increase steps.


Many managers focus on this function to provide action in the organization through effective leadership. Health profession is a challenging and so require people that can fit in the management position. Managers need to maintain two perspectives on how they understand their different domains in relation to the organization they work for.

Healthcare managers are empathetic and helpful as their number one priority is helping other people feel better. Additionally, healthcare managers have a strong communication skill as is required by any medical or nursing student. As a health manager, one must be equally contented to working alone or as part of a team because it involves often being tasked with making vital decisions in keeping the rules and standards of your medical facility or hospital.

Many healthcare managers hold a variety of different positions, such as department Managers, Dental Officer Manager, Public Policy Analyst in Health Care, Community Relations Specialist, Health Care Analyst.

To become a healthcare manager, graduates can gain an added advantage in the workforce by obtaining recognized industry certifications. Many university programs offer students the chance to earn optional credentials through additional coursework and certification exams like:

•Certificate programs in healthcare management • Associate’s degree programs in Healthcare Management • Bachelors of science degree programs in Healthcare Management • MBA programs in healthcare management • Ph.D. programs in healthcare management

Healthcare management programs prepare students for various management roles within the health industry. The health industry is in a lot of demand as many medical professionals are constantly trying to increase their medical knowledge. Students who enroll in these programs serve the communities well thereby becoming beneficial to them.