What is the MAIN purpose – goal – and problem you are solving with the training? (i.e. the “Gap”)

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This week you will need to select an organization and a
problem/event/reason for your project. You may use your own
organization or an organization with which you are familiar.
For example:
Local Hospital LLC Nursing ER
staff: ER patient intake HIPAA update
Retirement Village Bingo Hall Staff:
CPR/defibrillator training
Let’s Take a Trip sales staff: new
American Airlines flight scheduling technology
Note that failing to turn in this assignment may
jeopardize your grade throughout the project over the term. Review
the “late work” section of the syllabus to ensure you understand
the late policies enforced in the course.
Please utilize APA formatting when you turn in
this project – you can review the template in doc-sharing for an
example of the proper use of APA formatting – and the syllabus also
has a link to the APA handbook. Further, you can utilize the
Smarthinking tutor source (under Course Home) and request
assistance on your papers this term. I recommend
In your Week 1 submission, include this information.
Answering these questions will help you tailor this into something
specific. Then, throughout the entire term, your project should
apply to THIS particular training project.
1. The name of the company your training will be used in
(real or fictional)
2. A bit about what the company does…
3. In what department will the training be used?
4. Which employees will attend
5. Who will be involved in creating the training? (title of
6. Who will provide the training?
7. What is the MAIN purpose – goal – and problem you are solving
with the training? (i.e. the “Gap”)